Juvenile Frequently Asked Questions

Juvenile Frequently Asked Questions
1) What is the legal definition of a juvenile?

A juvenile is an unmarried person under 18, not emancipated, and who has been found dependent or a child in need of service/family in need of service. A juvenile can also be a married/unmarried person charged with violating law prior to reaching 18 years of age.

2) Is there a special court for juveniles?

Yes, it is called Juvenile Court. Juvenile Court has its own Judge and set of attorneys.

3) Can the public attend juvenile court hearings?

Usually the only people to attend a juvenile hearing are the juvenile, his or her parents or guardians, the victim of the crime and attorneys. Anyone else wishing to sit in on Juvenile Court must have prior court approval by calling 941-749-3600.

4) What types of crimes are handled by juvenile court?

The Juvenile Court handles the same crimes as the adult courts do.

5) Will I have a criminal record even if I am found not guilty of the charge(s) against me?

If you are found not guilty of the crime with which you were charged, you would not have a criminal record. However, your arrest record will remain with you forever.

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