Human Resources FAQ

Human Resources Frequently Asked Questions
1) What positions are open at the Clerk’s office? How do I apply for a position?

The Employment Opportunities page will give you directions to apply for a position.

2) What types of careers does the Clerk have to offer?

There are over 200 positions available. These positions include clerical, management, accounting, auditors, and technical positions. 

Due to the size of the Clerk’s office, there is a continued need for qualified applicants. Please visit the Employment Opportunities page for a listing of current positions.

3) Where can I get an application?

We no longer accept paper applications. To review our open positions and/or apply for a position, visit our Employment Opportunities page.

4) What if I don’t have a computer at home?

If you do not have access to a computer of your own, you may apply online at any computer with Internet access.

5) How do I apply for more than one posted position?

Applicants, who wish to be considered for more than one position, must select and apply for each position they are qualified for to be considered for jobs. Your initial application can be saved and used to apply for more than one opening.

6) How can I make changes to an application that has been submitted?

Once applications are submitted for a position, they cannot be altered. However you can update your application online for future openings.

7) How do I check on the status of my application?

At any time you can log back into our online application system by clicking here . After you’ve logged in with your user name and password, you can check the status of your application.

8) When will I be called for an interview?

If the Supervisor of the open positions wishes to interview you, s/he will contact you directly via phone.

9) What kind of background screening is conducted prior to employment with the Manatee County Clerk of the Circuit Court’s office?

When a conditional offer of employment is made, the selected applicant will undergo a drug screen and a criminal background check. Upon successful completion of these screenings, the applicant will be given a hire date and scheduled for orientation.

10) Are the salaries and benefits of the Clerk’s office competitive?

Human Resources Department participates in several salary and benefits surveys each year to ensure that our total compensation package is competitive locally for both the public and private sectors.