Accounts Payable

The Accounts Payable (A/P) Division of Finance under the Manatee Clerk of the Court and Comptroller processes all invoices for payment for the Board of County Commissioners, the Port Authority, the Metropolitan Planning Organization and the Supervisor of Elections. It also processes all invoices for the Clerk's Office.

A/P is responsible for verifying that expenditures paid are legal, within budget and serve a public purpose. In addition to verifying that we have all required forms and authority to pay, A/P also ensures that the goods and or services have been received and that the appropriate accounts are charged. This work is all done using a paperless, electronic process.

Methods of payment offered by the Clerk:

  • Check - Checks are the default payment method to vendors who do not elect the Epayables option. Checks are generated twice each week, generally on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Once validated and approved, these checks are mailed, usually within in one business day after being issued.
  • Epayables - Epayables allows the Clerk's office to generate an electronic payment to our enrolled vendors via a virtual credit card. This process benefits the County by reducing the cost of producing and mailing paper checks, as well as providing additional safeguards against fraud. Enrolled vendors benefit from generally receiving their payment faster, reduced trips to the bank and having next day funds availability. If you have questions or are interested in enrolling in this program, please contact Tina Mancini, Accounts Payable Supervisor.

For Fiscal Year 2022 we scanned and processed approximately 99,400 invoices and issued approximately 36,500 checks, representing vendor payments of $1,126,669,000.

Since August 2007, the accounts payable process has been accomplished in a paperless environment. A/P staff continues to look for opportunities to partner with some of the county's larger vendors to further advance this paperless process and to provide better payment services to our vendors. 

Vendor Invoice Information

To further enhance the A/P process we are now accepting vendor invoices in PDF format via email or by fax.

To email your invoices to the Clerk’s office:

  • Documents must be a .tiff or .pdf document type.
  • The PO# must be entered in the subject line
  • Email them to

To fax your invoice(s) to the Clerk’s office:

  • Your business name and invoice number must be in the subject line of your cover sheet
  • Fax to (941) 741-4011.
Contact Accounts Payable
Fax: 941-741-4011
Supervisor: Victoria Casey
Supervisor Title: Accounts Payable Supervisor
Mailing Address
Attn: Accounts Payable
P.O. Box 25400
Bradenton, FL 34206
Physical Address
1115 Manatee Avenue West
Bradenton, FL 34205