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"Every child has the right to financial and medical support from both parents. Our goal is to assure families receive the child support they need and deserve." - R.B. "Chips" Shore, Former Clerk of Circuit Court & Comptroller

The Manatee Clerk's Child Support Division provides comprehensive case management including:

There is no cost to apply for these services.

We have a variety of tools available to assist you with your efforts to ensure that both parents support their children including: administrative and judicial legal actions, administrative enforcement, license suspensions, intercepts of unemployment compensations and worker's compensation, wage garnishment, IRS tax returns, credit reporting and, cooperative actions between other states and countries.

NOTE: We do not establish or enforce visitation or custody.


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General Information

Any parent or custodian of a dependent child may apply for Child Support services. Families who receive public assistance automatically receive child support services. If you have received public assistance or child support services in the past, contact us to determine if you have an open child support case.

Our services are available even if a parent lives in another state or country.

Child support services are provided by the Clerk of the Circuit Court in Manatee County, the State Attorney’s Office in Miami-Dade County and the Department of Revenue in all other Florida counties. Visit the Florida Department of Revenue's Child Support Page to find other child support offices in Florida.

Orders are established and changed administratively and by going to court.

In Manatee County, records of all Court-ordered child support and alimony payments are maintained by the Depository, which is a separate division of the Clerk’s Office. If there is an order for support and/or alimony payable through the SDU, the Depository will maintain those records.

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